Corporate clients


Accomocation for business clients

We offer accomodation for a special price for business clients. We tailor our offers to your special needs. Please get in touch for a quote and for the best prices in town! You will always get the best prices by booking straigh from us.

Astrum-Keskus reservation services:
Telephone number: 00358 44 777 3999 ( Mondays to Fridays 8.00-16.00)


Added services for business clients

We will be happy to add various services to accomodation such as meeting and conference space, activities, entertainment not to mention great food! Keep in mind that as our hotel customer you will get a discounted lunch price, including coffee and dessert. We are also adding in the near future a few refrigerators to some of our rooms to further improve the experience for our long term guests.

Breakfast, gym, group excercise classes and sauna are naturally included in the price.
We guarantee an offer with benefits our competitors cannot compete with!