Hotelli Salora is located in Astrum-Keskus which offers a variety of services under the same roof. As a Hotelli Salora customer you will receive extra benefits no other hotel in the area can offer! Just show your booking confirmation and enjoy the discounts!

Sports Center

Gym, group excercise classes and sauna at the Hanhivaara Sports Center are free of charge for our hotel guests. Bowling shoe rent is also free of charge at Hanhivaara bowling alley. Billiards, badminton, padel and golf simulator as well as bubble soccer and pickleball are also available!

Breakfast, lunch and Cafe

Breakfast and a coffee break with savoury or sweet snacks are available at Cafe Piste at the Hanhivaara sports center. Lunch and catering restaurant Mama’s will offer a quality lunch buffe with coffee and dessert included! As a Hotel Salora guest you will get a delicious buffe lunch for a discounted price!


Namila, indoor playground for kids will keep the youngsters busy and happy while giving them a good work out running and playing! A good night’s sleep is guaranteed! As a hotel guest you will receive a 10% discount.

Culture and history

Theater Provinssi offers a variety of performers from the top Finnish artist and actors to Theaters own, acclaimed shows.

If you are interested in both history and electronics, the museum of electronic devices is a must! The museum boasts with some 10 000 items such as TV’s, radios and telephones among other things and have interesting exhibitions.
The museum surely has found home at Astrum-Keskus as it is located in the space from where Salora and Nokia used to ship their products to the world.


Escape Room Exit Games Salo offers an unforgettable hour either alone or with friends. Try getting out within an hour by solving clues in custom made special rooms! Book in advance to secure an hour of intensive brain training!
As our Hotel guest you will also receive a 10% discount!


Both Ostheopat Antti Rindell at Praxia  as well as  masseuse Marko Hyytiäinen will help you to relax located in the same building!